“We really want to raise a calm, happy and obedient dog in our family, particularly with young children, which is what Trevor encourages and promotes in his classes.”

“Trevor’s classes are small so we always feel as though we get a lot of individual guidance in puppy training in fact he often tailors our classes to include issues we and other members of the class have had particular problems or challenges with. Trevor’s simple and humorous approach to puppy training has given us very practical ideas to do at home and out at the park as well as the opportunity to practise in the classes with the other pups.”

“Trevor also came to our house for a private session and helped us work out easy ways to manage our puppy within a busy family life and for this we are grateful! Thanks Trevor!”

Sam (the Ginger Ninja) & family

“As new puppy owners it was so good to have been recommended to Trevor’s class.”

“The group classes that we attended were very beneficial to us as a family.”

“Trevor involved all of us including our two sons (11 & 12 years old) – that was a big plus!”

“Trevor has a very good understanding of dogs and his style/technique was easy to follow and adopt. He gave us the tools and confidence in carrying out the ongoing training for our puppy when we are at home.”

Karen, Anthony, Nathan & Alex

“We recently attended puppy classes with Trevor from Top Dogz Pet Training and can’t thank him enough for what he has taught us and our Pug puppy, Lenny. Trevor’s methods were simple, and logical; he had a great way of explaining things in ‘human terms’ which made everything easy to understand. He was always available to answer any questions and Lenny has excelled thanks to Trevor’s great training techniques.”

“We’re very proud not only of our puppy Lenny, but ourselves too. Thanks Trevor!”

Amy with Lennie

“Puppy classes with Top Dogz has been nothing less than a pleasure! It’s unlike any puppy classes I’ve attended before. I love how Top Dogz training methods go past the generic sit/stay/come commands. Instead there is a strong focus on eye contact, hand signals and manners.”

“Before attending Top Dogz puppy class Hagrid, my Italian Mastiff puppy, had little to no manners. He would run in and out of the house, jump on everyone and get way too excited when food was around. Although all his puppy behaviours seemed cute at first, we quickly realised that this would become more of an issue if left un corrected.”

“So, with Trevor’s help we were committed to help improve Hagrid’s behaviour and the change was almost instantaneous – he just needed direction. Hagrid now recognises doors as a cue to sit and look at me for direction instead of something to run in and out of. He now sits and waits patiently whenever he sees food as he knows he does not get fed unless he is sitting. He has also stopped jumping on us and the furniture as he realises those behaviours don’t get rewarded.”

“Top Dogz training has not only helped train my puppy, but helped educate me. Thank you Trevor!”

Elaine with Hagrid

“We found Top Dogz training by chance and are so pleased we did! Trevor made each class different, interesting and fun.”

“Our Labrador puppy has learnt a lot and so have we! Would highly recommend Top Dogz to anyone.”

Belinda with Marley