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Adult group training

Group training for your dog will be a fantastic platform to try new skills or refine learnt behaviours. Any dog can benefit from group training be it an old dog learning new tricks to a newly adopted rescue dog.

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Puppy Kindy

Perfect for puppies 8-16 weeks of age.

Puppy Kindy is the best way to shape your cute little puppy into a well socialised, pleasingly mannered dog. Trevor has had years of experience influencing puppies to become lovely companions and instructing owners to target what truly is important at this young and impressionable age.

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Behaviour consults

Are you having difficulties with your dog such as barking, aggression, pulling on the lead or separation anxiety?

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No Jumping parties

Do you have an excitable dog that greets visitors and guests like a maniac with unwanted jumping? Your dog may be friendly to a fault but without the social graces of a well-mannered dog, these encounters create just as much disruption and angst as an anti-social dog. Top Dogz presents a new training alternative to years of unwanted canine craziness with one session of perfect practise.

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Post adoptive Training

Congratulations on the arrival of your new rescue dog. It may have taken you weeks or even months to pick the right one and now all you want to do is just enjoy your new best friend. In a perfect world this would be enough, however all newly adopted dogs will need some level of training to establish new rules and hierarchy to guarantee a successful adoption.

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Board and train


Are you having problems with your puppy such as biting, toileting or general destruction?

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Walk and Train

Are you too busy with work to exercise and train your dog?

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